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 >> Hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed sharing...

   At least as much!  :-)

   One of the design decisions I was wrestling with was "who keeps the main
'state' variable"?  In other words, should the host program try to maintain
state and call into Lua for specific discrete "events", or should every
frame update call into a more general Lua-based "director" routine and let
game-state be managed completely in Lua.  I was leaning towards the former,
you've taken the latter -- that at least opens up new "proven"
possibilities for me.  (will have to wait and see which is better for this
particular implementation)

   Some of that indecision may just be "cold feet" about entrusting TOO
much control to the scripting language.  However, I can actually foresee a
condition where I eventually prefer the Lua-side of things MORE than the
host-language engine stuff, so this balance may shift.  <grin>

   Again, thanks so much, very enlightening.  :)