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CGILua version 3.2 is now available!

* What is CGILua?

CGILua is a tool for developing dynamic HTML pages and manipulating input data from forms. 
It uses the interpreted language Lua for codifying its scripts.
CGILua has been on the road for 4 years now, being used in many industrial 
web sites and academic projects. Its main features are:

+ extensibility
  through Lua libraries and dynamic loading of C/C++ libraries (uses internally loadlib)
+ multi-paradigmatic scripting
  scripts can be written as Lua programs or HTML templates (HTML with Lua code embedded)
+ security
  environment can be configured providing customized security schemes
+ portability
  source code is POSIX compliant. Binaries were built for Linux, Solaris, SunOS, IRIX,
  Windows 9x/NT, and soon for AIX and FreeBSD. Scripts are platform-independent.
+ flexibility
  it is a Lua application! :-)

* Availability

CGILua is freely available for both academic and commercial 
purposes and can be downloaded from the site below:

* New in version 3.2

+ Uses the new version of the Lua interpreter (3.2)
+ New documentation, both in english and in portuguese
+ Improved error messages
+ File upload handling
+ New template directive IF
+ Enhanced flexibility for customizing errors signaling (error information 
  can be easily sent for the webmaster by email, for instance)
+ New libraries providing mail capability, criptography functions and cookies facilities
+ New core functions for HTTP headers handling
+ New state managing mechanism provided by the function cgilua.savestate()
Soon there will be available beta versions of ISAPI and Apache API bindings.

Please send your comments to us at