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At 01:48 PM 4/26/99 , you wrote:
>> I'd really like to use Lua as an embedded "glue" language for Windows CE
>> devices, but the prospect of inspecting every line of unfamiliar code for
>> Unicode support just gives me the shivers!  :-)

>I've got Lua 3.1 running on Windows CE, but only using 8 bit characters 
>internally and converting to/from Unicode for Windows CE API calls.

>I was going to make this available when I've had more time to tidy it up (I 
>don't know when that will be) but if you'd like it I can email you a copy.

That won't quite meet my needs.  I would really like Lua's native strings
to be Unicode to prevent some potentially horrendous string conversion
overhead in accessing the registry.  Thank you kindly for the offer,
however.  It is appreciated.

Michael T. Richter    <>
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