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At 11:03 AM 4/26/99 , you wrote:
>* New in version 3.2beta
>  -----------------------
>  + redirected all output in Lua's core to _ERRORMESSAGE and _ALERT
>  + increased limit on the number of constants and globals per function
>    (from 2^16 to 2^24).
>  + debugging info (lua_debug and hooks) moved into lua_state.
>    new API functions provided to get and set this info.
>  + new debug lib gives full debugging access within Lua
>  + new table functions "foreachi", "sort", "tinsert", "tremove", "getn"
>  + new io functions "flush", "seek"
>  + added lua_userinit hook so that sample interpreter can be easily reused
>    and user has control over which libraries are loaded.

Have you taken steps toward making Unicode-enabled Lua implementations?
(I.e. have references to char* et al been replaced with typedefs permitting
global replacement with wchar*, etc.?)

I'd really like to use Lua as an embedded "glue" language for Windows CE
devices, but the prospect of inspecting every line of unfamiliar code for
Unicode support just gives me the shivers!  :-)

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