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Lua 3.2 (beta) is now available for downloading at

The Canadian mirror seems to be down right now, but when it comes up,
the software will also be available at

The other mirrors will be updated soon, hopefully.

The distribution includes an updated reference manual in HTML.
The PostScript version in the site is still for version 3.1.

* New in version 3.2beta
  + redirected all output in Lua's core to _ERRORMESSAGE and _ALERT
  + increased limit on the number of constants and globals per function
    (from 2^16 to 2^24).
  + debugging info (lua_debug and hooks) moved into lua_state.
    new API functions provided to get and set this info.
  + new debug lib gives full debugging access within Lua
  + new table functions "foreachi", "sort", "tinsert", "tremove", "getn"
  + new io functions "flush", "seek"
  + added lua_userinit hook so that sample interpreter can be easily reused
    and user has control over which libraries are loaded.

Please send your comments to us at
Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo       TeCGraf/PUC-Rio