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> Has the "toLua" package been updated recently to work
> with 3.0 and 3.1alpha of Lua? 

I am currently working on it,
but I haven't had much time last days...

> I have had problems
> getting it to work.  I would like to create Lua bindings
> for "VTK" (visualization toolkit:
>  Specifically I have a few
> questions:

the current tolua version should work,
even without using the new lua 3.1 features.

> 1)  What exactly must be removed from a "cleaned" header file?
>     Should I run the file through the "C" preprocessor (gcc -E)
>     before I send it to lua to expand out all the preprocessor
>     directives?

the actual header file should be edited to fit the "cleaned" tolua
format. the tolua page describes the "cleaned" format,
but I understand it is just a naive documentation.
if you want, I can help you on editing the files,
just send me samples of what you intend to bind to lua.

> 2)  This library already has bindings for Python, TK, and Java,
>     and the authors claim to have an automated method of generating
>     the bindings for these languages from the C++ code.  What
>     exactly are they looking for?  Examining their code it looks like
>     they use a yacc parser on the C++ code, and then build the binding
>     code during parsing.  Why didn't toLua do this?  Is there any

tolua uses a very simple parser written in lua.

>     specific extra information that toLua needs outside of the headers
>     themselves to create the bindings?

> 3)  Was tkLua made with toLua?

no. tolua was created after I had written tklua,
but I do plan to update tklua, using tolua.

-- waldemar