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Has the "toLua" package been updated recently to work
with 3.0 and 3.1alpha of Lua?  I have had problems 
getting it to work.  I would like to create Lua bindings
for "VTK" (visualization toolkit:  Specifically I have a few

1)  What exactly must be removed from a "cleaned" header file?
    Should I run the file through the "C" preprocessor (gcc -E)
    before I send it to lua to expand out all the preprocessor

2)  This library already has bindings for Python, TK, and Java,
    and the authors claim to have an automated method of generating
    the bindings for these languages from the C++ code.  What
    exactly are they looking for?  Examining their code it looks like
    they use a yacc parser on the C++ code, and then build the binding
    code during parsing.  Why didn't toLua do this?  Is there any
    specific extra information that toLua needs outside of the headers
    themselves to create the bindings?

3)  Was tkLua made with toLua?

Thank you

Dan Marks

  Lua 3.0 provides an
error in

 There are over 500
C++ header files in this package.