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| Have you tried the code listed in the add-ons page?

I found TkLua quite useful as an example, the others less so.
I wasn't able to download poslib and tolua, because the ftp servers didn't respond...

| Of course, we do have *lots* of code in Lua, but not much that would be of
| immediate use to anyone else. Plus, much of the code assumes that appropriate
| C functions have been registered. Of course, this is as it should be, since
| Lua is used as an embedded language.

Well, I was looking for a language to embed, and in the end was left with a choice
between Lua and Python. Not having actually used either, I had to make a choice between
them based on what I could find on the net. One of the points where Python scored much
better over Lua was the amount of code readily available, which to me made me feel I
could trust Python to be well tested and stable. For Lua, I don't feel as sure
about its stability, as I have no proof that there's lots of people out there using it for
large projects.
| Now, two questions to everyone:
| - Are the examples in the distribution too trivial or useless?

They are okay to get started, definitely usefull. But they're toy programs, and I would have 
liked to see a real-world program.

| - What would you suggest instead?

Lua users worldwide to make public some of their code!

By the way, congratulations to the authors for producing and supporting Lua!
It's looking great, and I'm quite happy with the quick progress I'm making...