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>From Mon May 18 06:14:15 1998
>I'm new to Lua, I've just embedded the language in a game engine and am now
>faced with the task to write some scripts. 
>The language looks very simple to get to grips with, but I was hoping there would 
>be some more example code available then what's included with the source code...

Have you tried the code listed in the add-ons page?

Of course, we do have *lots* of code in Lua, but not much that would be of
immediate use to anyone else. Plus, much of the code assumes that appropriate
C functions have been registered. Of course, this is as it should be, since
Lua is used as an embedded language.

Now, two questions to everyone:
- Are the examples in the distribution too trivial or useless?
- What would you suggest instead?