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> in lieu of an introduction: my interest in lua is purely a hobby at
> this point. I like its simple syntax and slimness; I was excited to
> learn that it may be possible to build extended custom interpreters by
> using tolua to interface with C libraries in a rather easy way. I
> looked at tklua for an example, but I wasn't very satisfied with it -
> it seems that tklua is an interface to tcl rather than hooking
> directly into tk's C API.

I would love to know how to decouple tk from tcl.
At the time I was writing tklua, I couldn't figure out how to do this.
It seemed to me that the Tk C API is not complete, we need tcl anyway.

> So I tried to do something else with tolua; skipping the details, I've
> had little luck so far - which brings me to my question: is there a
> version of tolua compatible with lua-3.0? 

yes, there is. I will put it available right now.

sorry for this mess, I have been quite busy working on other stuffs...
please, send me bug reports, suggestions, etc.

-- waldemar

Waldemar Celes
Program of Computer Graphics
Cornell University
580 Engineering Theory Center Building
Ithaca, NY -- 14853
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