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in lieu of an introduction: my interest in lua is purely a hobby at
this point. I like its simple syntax and slimness; I was excited to
learn that it may be possible to build extended custom interpreters by
using tolua to interface with C libraries in a rather easy way. I
looked at tklua for an example, but I wasn't very satisfied with it -
it seems that tklua is an interface to tcl rather than hooking
directly into tk's C API. Sure, I suppose the way it was done was
easier and gives some flexibility - however, fast and efficient tcl is
not. BTW, I am not a real programmer by any measure, merely somewhat
literate in C, shell scripting, have played a bit with Python, etc.

So I tried to do something else with tolua; skipping the details, I've
had little luck so far - which brings me to my question: is there a
version of tolua compatible with lua-3.0? I tried tolua-v2.0a which I
picked up from the ftp site; it has changed a lot w.r. to the older
versions, but this doesn't seem to be documented anywhere. In any
case, I was able to make it produce a .c file that compiles without
(important) warnings; however, in tolua.c, starting from line 744,
there are a bunch of calls to lua_settagmethod() which are not
compatible with the prototype in lua.h (from lua-3.0). Why is this?
Which version of lua is tolua-v2.0a supposed to be used with? Do I
have to downgrade to an older lua to use tolua? An earlier attempt I
made with earlier versions of both also failed, some of the code
emitted by tolua seemed to be garbled. I'm not giving details right
now, since this applies to obsoleted stuff I guess it's not of great
interest, and I don't have the files at hand anymore - but I'd try
to reproduce that problem if anyone's _really_ interested.


Robert J. Budzynski
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