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 > Maybe it's just me, but does anyone else find this syntax, well,
 > gruesome?  Sorry, Norman, don't mean to offend, just expressing an
 > opinion.

It's OK -- I didn't design the syntax, so I'm not attached to it.
I borrowed from M3 because like Lua, it's Pascal-like, but with the
important difference that every control construct (if/while/case)
takes a sequence of statements with an explicit terminator, so there's
no BEGIN ... END nonsense.  The ugly | in the case statement plays the
role of the terminator for the sequence of statements in the previous

The other benefit is I can point everybody to the M3 definition, and I
can blame the M3 designers for all ugliness.  Actually, the Lua
constructor syntax is nearly identical to M3 as well, ditto the if