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Maybe it's just me, but does anyone else find this syntax, well,
gruesome?  Sorry, Norman, don't mean to offend, just expressing an

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>From: 	Norman Ramsey[]
>Sent: 	Sunday, April 13, 1997 10:45 AM
>To: 	Bret Mogilefsky
>Subject: 	case statement for Lua
>I felt the need for a case statement in Lua, so I added one.
>Unfortunately I had to change the virtual machine as well as the
>compiler, because I couldn't figure out how to duplicate the element
>on top of the stack using only the existing operators.
>Still, Lua is so clean that I added or changed no more than 30 lines
>of code.
>I borrowed syntax from Modula-3 for the case statement (with one
>slight change); here's an example:
>  x = "bar"
>  case x of
>  | "foo" => y = 1
>  | "bar" => y = 2
>  else => y = 99  
>  end
>  print(x, y)
>Some day when I have another hack attack, I'll improve the patch so
>you can write multiple expressions to the left of the arrow.
>This is a patch file for lua-2.5.  To build it, unpack the lua-2.5
>distribution, change to the toplevel directory (called 'lua' in the
>distribution), and run
>  patch < this_patch_file
>  (cd src; make parser)
>  make
>Norman Ramsey