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Lua is used in the game World of Warcraft to allow players to create their own custom addons (aka mods) that enhance, add to, or otherwise modify the default game interface.

You can find many of these addons at the site

The actual base framework for World of Warcraft's interface is written in Lua, and can be extracted from the game's data files using a tool provided by Blizzard.

More information about WoW's use of Lua and the interface API can be found on

There is a distribution of Lua available (created by cogwheel) that includes everything required to install Lua locally for addon development:

This includes wowlib, luasocket, and the standard Lua 5.1.1 Win32 binaries.

There has also been a book written about writing addons for World of Warcraft, called "Hacking World of Warcraft" by Daniel Gilbert and James Whitehead. It is available through [].

Also see #wowace and #wowi-lounge on Archives are available at the following URLs:

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