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Webrocks is a web-based tool to manage LuaRocks packages.

Description: This provides a cross-platform GUI interface to managing a LuaRocks install. The script wrocks launches a little local webserver, and opens the default browser. By default, it uses localhost:8080, but you can set the address to be an actual IP address using -addr=ADDR and the default port with -port=PORT. This allows you to manage a LuaRocks server installation; -nolaunch can be used to suppress the usual browser launch in this case. (But be careful to run this behind some firewall, since there are no guarantees about safety!)

Webrocks downloads the index.html of the default repository. Currently, this has to be using the http protocol; any other repositories in the list are ignored. This document is then massaged into a more interactive form - the package name becomes clickable, and explicit 'install' and 'remove' links are added. The colour style of the right-most column is changed to indicate whether the package is installed or not.

The install target is just the package name, without extension, and the web server uses this to drive the LuaRocks install command. Each install results in a log file of the form PACKAGE-install-log.txt being generated. If the install fails, then this log file is displayed in the browser.

Download: http://mysite.mweb.co.za/residents/sdonovan/lua/webrocks-1.0.tgz . Webrocks is available through LuaRocks as luarocks install webrocks .

Author: SteveDonovan

License: MIT/X11

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