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Indent HTML, PHP, C, CPP, Javascript, embedded Javascript, XML files. Uses the syntax highlight information, so it works properly only when the appropiate lexer is used.


Attn: C Programmers

The above indent is nice, but I wanted some more choice over the style of indenting.

I installed GNU indent and added something like this to .SciTEUser.Properties*=Indent Code
command.13.*=indent --line-length 90 -brf -linux "$(FilePath)" ;  \
echo "DONE! Press CTRL-R to reload document."
Description: "Indent is a GNU program for beautifying C code, so that it is easier to read. Indent can also convert from one C writing style to a different one. Indent understands correct C syntax and tries to handle incorrect C syntax."

Indent supports several styles of indentation besides -brf -linux (a personal favorite)

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