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This is a demo of a script that arbitrarily colourises some text, and keeps the text coloured when switching buffers. The following demo uses SciteExtMan, but extman itself is not necessary for the implementation of the colouring technique.

Note that this method is not a substitute for a proper lexer interface, so it should not be used to implement a Lua extension-based syntax highlighter. This is because any operation that forces some part of the buffer to be restyled will cause breakage. However, this method of colouring might be useful for anything that does not involve "normal" editing operations.

-- demo to provide custom colours and styles to a specific buffer
-- <> public domain 20060906
-- [[
local function SetColours(lexer, scheme)
  local function dec(s) return tonumber(s, 16) end
  if lexer then editor.Lexer = lexer end
  for i, style in pairs(scheme) do
    for prop, value  in pairs(style) do
      if (prop == "StyleFore" or prop == "StyleBack")
         and type(value) == "string" then -- convert from string
        local hex, hex, r, g, b =
          string.find(value, "^(%x%x)(%x%x)(%x%x)$")
        value = hex and (dec(r) + dec(g)*256 + dec(b)*65536) or 0
      editor[prop][i] = value
    end--each property
  end--each style


local ColourScheme = { -- a sample colour scheme
  [1] = {StyleFore = "800000", StyleBold = true,},
  [2] = {StyleFore = "008000", StyleBack = "E0E0E0", StyleItalic = true,},

function ColourTest()
  local SIG = "ColourTest"
  -- colouriser function, used when buffer created or switched
  local function Colourise(n)
    local segment = n * 2
    editor:StartStyling(0, 31)
    for i = 1, 10 do
      editor:SetStyling(segment, 1)
      editor:SetStyling(segment, 2)
  -- recolour text again upon switching buffers
    if not buffer[SIG] then return end
    SetColours(SCLEX_CONTAINER, ColourScheme)
    Colourise(editor.Length / 100)
    return true
  -- create buffer, identify it, add some text, colourise
  buffer[SIG] = true;
  SetColours(SCLEX_CONTAINER, ColourScheme)
  for i = 1, 100 do
    editor:AddText("The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.\n")
  Colourise(editor.Length / 100)
  -- since this colouring method breaks upon many operations, it
  -- cannot be used as a language syntax highlighter
  editor.ReadOnly = true

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