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Hi, I just discovered (about 4 years late) that somebody in 1999 had implemented Lua 3.1 on top of the Leonardo Virtual Execution Machine (which does Visual Algorithm Animation , actually "a C Programming Environment for Reversible Execution and Software Visualization") Read more about Leonardo at: The archive is at:

The archive is currently for MacOS (as is Leonardo), but with full source code; I'm gonna try and package it for unices (targz)

Additionally Leonardo has been discontinued and superseded by "The Leonardo Computing Environment" at : it now runs on top of a multiplatform Leonardo VM engine.

It may prove interesting to attempt a Lua5 implementation on top of this new universal VM. I'm expressly thinking of visualisation and training purposes.

UPDATE: The Leonardo VM project is no longer on-line and I can't get in touch with the old website and SVN repository admins.

cheers, [Sandro Bilbeisi]

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