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Hi welcome to my wiki page.


Using lua at work in the recovery of CCTV data and for bespoke recovery of binary data types.

At home I have developed a hex editor that will soon incorporate the lua module 'Alien' in order to retrieve data from custom data types and files.

Code Snippets



Who am I?

I am 31 yr old graduate of the University of Manchester in Computer Science and also have a MSc in Computer Forensics. I am currently living with the Greater Manchester region of England (UK)

I have had an interest in lua since 2006-7.

What am I doing?

Currently employed within the law enforcement field (8 years) and hoping to push into the computer security sector in the near future.

Where can I be found and contacted

I am present on linkedin and may also be found often on the #lua irc channel.

irc:// the offcial LUA channel

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