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An implementation of Lua for RISC OS

Available at http://www.wra1th.plus.com/lua/risclua.html . Current version 7.00.

Compiled with GCC 4.7.4, Armv7 compatible, with vfp.

Differences from standard Lua:

1. Peter Shook's local x,y,z in t syntax.
2. Hard space lexed as a soft space.
3. `,$,?,!,@ allowed in identifiers.
4. Syntactic sugar: \ for function and => for return.
5. Update syntax x <op> = y can be used for x = x <op> y.

This version uses a preface (LUA_INIT_5_4) which enforces declaration of global variables: global.foo = bar, the first time they are used.

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