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LuaSearch ( is a website that intends to provide a centralized locater of Lua modules and documentation (similar to Perl's [CPAN])--or at least that is the idea.

Module Submissions Pending

If you'd like to submit a module to LuaSearch, please add the official URL to your distribution files (preferably on LuaForge) as per the instructions on the LuaSearch page.

(Note: eventually we'll likely move the registration process onto LuaSearch itself, but for now the wiki will suffice.)


If you have any comments or questions on LuaSearch, you may add them below:

2008-08: Unfortunately, this project hasn't yet taken off. Perhaps familiarity with POD is an issue. There are a number of benefits to standardization in documentation packaging, as is some of the standardization packaging efforts in LuaRocks. --DavidManura

Most probably the lack of automatization is an issue as I believe. See The Zen of Comprehensive Archive Networks [1]. Without the PAUSE [2], there would be no such thing as CPAN. --DmitryGaivoronsky

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