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lua_bot is an IRC bot written in Lua.


lua_bot allows the users of the channel to execute basic commands. Currently there are two commands supported:

In order to keep the bot from spamming the public channel, please take any "playing" into the #luabot channel on freenode, or address the bot via private messages.

Example usage

<cladhaire> !api pcall
<lua_bot> Documentation for 'pcall' can be found at
<cladhaire> lua> for k,v in pairs(_G) do print(k) end
<lua_bot> clad|office: tostring, os, getfenv, pairs, assert, tonumber, strsplit, load, _G, coroutine, loadstring, pp, prettyprint, string,
xpcall, bit, _VERSION, strtrim, table, strjoin, strconcat, setmetatable, next, ipairs, rawequal, collectgarbage, rawset, print, math, pcall,
unpack, type, select, rawget, getmetatable,... (result truncated)

Sandbox: The sandbox used in lua_bot can be found on [Github]

Source: The sandbox source is available (see above) but the IRC code is too specific to be released generally. If you're looking for a library I would suggest [LuaIRC].

Dependencies: [LuaSocket]

Author: jnwhiteh (formerly known as Cladhaire) with help from others notably cide, shirik, and batrick.

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