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I am Howard Lee Harkness (Google search for my full name will show my "vanity" site, in case you actually want to learn more about me), and I have written software for a living for 35 years. I've used about a dozen different high-level languages, and more than a dozen assembly languages. I'm relatively new to using Lua, although I initially encountered it nearly 20 years ago when a friend of mine did a demo of the language at a meeting of the Forth Interest Group.

I am currently exploring the use of Lua for scripting flight simulator systems. Looks like fun, but I have noticed from my skimming of the bios here (mostly looking for folks I might be able to tap upon for help) that most of the entries have not been updated in >10 years.

I can be contacted via this email address: [Howard Lee Harkness]

BTW, I am not currently seeking employment; I'm happy with my current position. I plan to retire from my current position, or more accurately, change careers again, this time to teaching children (of all ages) how to play a violin (or viola).

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