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I retired from a Readership in Mathematics at [Sussex University] (UK) in 1999. I was chairman of the newly founded department of Computer Science in 1985.

I think Sussex was the first place in the UK to use micros for maths teaching - in the late 70s. My own first micro was an Acorn Atom (with 12K user RAM!).I got interested in functional programming languages,and was amazed at the convergence of ideas between advances in design of FP languages and category theory.I was a founding member of the [PSSL] (PeripateticSeminar on Sheaves and Logic) which trained a whole generation of computer scientists - it grew out ofDana Scott's seminar at Oxford.

Like ReubenThomas I have always been fascinated by small elegant languages and virtual machines. I was long on the lookout for something to improve upon the BBC Basic built into [RISC OS]. Lua was the answer to my prayers.I devised [RiscLua] as a port of Lua to Risc OS with the minimum extensions necessary to give it the same functionality as BBC Basic for access to the operating system.



* LuaRopes

-- [Gavin Wraith]

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