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This page lists the BlitzMAX modules which have already been replicated by BlitzLua, are planned to or don't have to be replicated.


BlitzLua is a Lua runtime environment written in BlitzMAX, a fast cross-platform BASIC compiler and run-time system for Windows 98/ME/2000/XP, MacOS X and Linux. BlitzMAX run-time libraries are organized in "modules" which may be "imported" into BlitzMAX applications when needed - BlitzLua uses the same module organization for its Lua interface.

Replicated Modules

The following modules already have a Lua interface:

Foreseen Modules

The following modules are foreseen to be replicated in the near future:

Unnecessary Modules

The following modules do not need a Lua interface - some of them are only used internally, others do not export any public functions:


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