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On Thu, 21 Sep 2023, at 09:24, Pierre Chapuis wrote:
> Hello Matt,
> I see no problem moving those two specific packages under the 
> lunarmodules umbrella, that's what it's for. They'd still probably need 
> a maintainer though.

We can set up a group of maintainers, and add Matt, and any others who want to contribute.

> On a side note I think those modules have (less downloaded but 
> maintained) alternatives:
> - for lua-mimetypes

This one also has a fork here:

> - for lua-iconv

Considering this module on LuaRocks has quite some downloads, it seems more used, hence it would make sense to me to get a maintainer for that module.

If anyone else is interested in collaborating on this, then please let us know so we can set up the maintainer lists.