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Hi everyone,

I am one of the maintainers of the lua packages for a linux
distribution called nixos ( We have a script that
converts rockspecs into "nix" (a functional language) expressions as
part of the build process for the luarocks packages (result here
We run this script regularly to get newer luarocks package versions in nixos, we
sometimes find issues with the uploaded rockspecs, usually with
outdated rockspec information, wrong url, source git repo that

We've recently experienced the issue for 2 packages:,
- lua-iconv for which the archive url of the code is wrong in the
rockspec, uploaded 5 years ago
- lua-mimetypes, the git repo has disappeared altogether, rockspec
uploaded 5 years ago too,

I've tried to contact both maintainers to fix the uploaded rockspec
without any answer; > 1 month for the first one, 2 weeks for the
latter, Even though these duration may seem short especially in
summer, please note that the rockspecs exposed on have
been submitted by the "luarocks" account, not by the package creators,
and this 5 years ago, I've submitted an issue here since it's
blocking for anyone using rockspecs and one suggestion was to set
these package upstreams under the
umbrella. This post is to ask if there is any reason not to it/anyone
against it ?,