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[No apologies for top-posting or for paragraph-length lines. The world has moved on from 80x24 monospaced terminals. Some of us even do our mail on telephones these days, where fixed-length email lines turn into visual mess. Just saying.]

On the topic of “doxxx”, note that this nomenclature lives on in lua.c in the form of the utility functions dofile() and dostring() at lines 201 and 206, which call luaL_loadfile() and luaL_loadbuffer() respectively.

> On 29 Jul 2023, at 18:13, Roberto Ierusalimschy <> wrote:
>> Separately, I'm curious what the "do" stands for in "ldo.c".  I didn't
>> see the abbreviation explained anywhere.  Can anyone explain what this
>> means, please?
> IIRC, it comes from 'dofile' and 'dostring', the original primitives
> in Lua to run code, that later became 'loadfile' and 'loadstring' and
> now is just 'load'. (The bulk of lua_load is done by
> luaD_protectedparser, which still resides in ldo.c.)
> -- Roberto