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We commemorate 30 years of Lua today: The earliest implementation of
Lua that we have found to date has files dated 28 Jul 1993.

We are planning a Lua Workshop in Rio to commemorate 30 years of Lua.
The event will be held at PUC-Rio on 17 October:

To known more about the history of Lua, read these papers:
In particular, the HOPL III paper, "The evolution of Lua":

To see how the implementation of Lua has evolved, see the various releases at
In particular, try the package below, which contains all releases of Lua:

On behalf of the Lua team, I thank you all for your interest in Lua
and for your support and feedback during all these years, which have
motivated us to keep developing Lua. We also thank Tecgraf and
PUC-Rio, for providing an environment open to innovation.