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Hello folks,

We use Lua, 5.4.6 via Fennel, to power "the brains" of our Android apps
at Egghead Games.  Everything works well, but recently, we have gotten
some crash reports about 'luaD_precall' triggering 'luaB_assert'.

Looking at 'ldo.c', the only assertion in 'luaD_precall' is:

  lua_assert(ci->top.p <= L->stack_last.p);

What would be some common reasons for triggering this assertion?  We
have never seen it trigger during development, only in production.
Could the problem be indicative of a bug in Lua itself?

The crash logs from Android include the following trace:

  #00  pc 0x0000000000052654
  #01  pc 0x0000000000136510
   /data/app/ ... !
  #02  pc 0x000000000013ee98
   /data/app/ ... !
  #03  pc 0x000000000013ede4
   /data/app/ ... !
  #04  pc 0x000000000016a830
   /data/app/ ... !
  #05  pc 0x0000000000169850
   /data/app/ ... !
  #06  pc 0x00000000001548f8
   /data/app/ ... !
  #07  pc 0x000000000014d858
   /data/app/ ... !
  #08  pc 0x000000000013dbd8
   /data/app/ ... !

"If you're thinking without writing, you only think you're thinking."
--- Leslie Lamport

Rudolf Adamkovič <> [he/him]
Studenohorská 25
84103 Bratislava