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I'd like to second LuaSocket. I haven't used it personally, but whenever I talk about Lua to my acquaintances in webdev, some griping about LuaSocket is always imminent. Thanks for contributing to the ecosystem!

On Sun, Apr 30, 2023 at 7:01 PM Paul Ducklin <> wrote:
> Lua jit?

LuaJIT isn’t a library. It is a fork of Lua back from the Lua 5.1 days that went off down its own divergent path, essentially creating a new community with a different view of scripting languages and their runtime worlds.

It was never intended that LuaJIT would re-converge with PUC Rio Lua at any point (quite the opposite, in fact, if I remember some of the arguments about _ENV and bitops correctly), and it never did.

Because Gabriel’s proposal seems mainly to be to find a useful Lua library that isn’t 5.4-ready, and to cheerfully revive it and bring it into 2023, I therefore don’t think that anything related to LuaJIT could possibly fit the bill, given that it is incompatible by design.

Plus… I thought I heard that the inventor of LuaJIT returned to the project a year or three ago after a longish absence and therefore that it was unorphaned again, if that is a word?