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Beware that the "all versions" source code archive
still seems to contain lua-5.4.5


On 8/05/2023 18:57, (Roberto Ierusalimschy) wrote:
The download area gives 5.4.4 as the latest released version.

The work area says there are no pre-release versions at all, but lists 5.4.5 as the latest release.

Given the SHOUTY FUSS over the 5.4.5 release (and the problem of people apparently not being aware of the pre-release versions before it came out), it would be nice to fix this.

As it is, only people who subscribe to the mailing list will know there’s a 5.4.6 pre-release they could be trying out right now.

(I went to the work page to fetch 5.4.6, in case there had been a new release candidate; found nothing at all; got confused!)

The inconsistency in the “latest release” lists in the download and work areas is weird. 5.4.5 was released; if it has been officially de-released then that really ought to be made clear in both places, because as things stand, it is listed to be an official release, with a bunch of bug fixes including patched vulnerabilities that can cause crashes… yet it is not there when you go to download it.
Sorry about the mess. 5.4.6 was out as a kind of "emergency release".
We wanted to stop the propagation of 5.4.5 asap, so the site may not
have been properly updated.

-- Roberto