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>> However, I would also argue that using enums as "just funny ints",
>> which semi-must be going on for adding enums from different
>> enumerations to make any semantic sense at all, is a Very Bad Idea,
>> even in C.

> I'm not a fan of #define constants at all, not even in C. When writing C, I $

Well, speaking purely personally, because it erases a useful conceptual
distinction - it conflates two conceptually distinct things (opaque
enumerated types and manifest constants).  Adding enumeration constants
from two different enum types feels to me like a conceptual type
confusion on the order of adding an area to a temperature.  (Indeed,
doing arithmetic on enum values at all feels to me like conceptual type
confusion of a different sort, imposing numeric values on conceptually
unordered set members.)

Of course, C doesn't have strict enumerated types and it doesn't have
manifest constants with non-preprocessor scoping.  Those are among the
things I dislike about C.

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