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> [...adding enums of different types...g++ warning...]
> While you may of course cast one of the enum values to int before doing the $

I would much prefer the cast.  The semantics are the same (or at least
very close to) and IMO the cast makes it significantly clearer to the
reader what's going on.

However, I would also argue that using enums as "just funny ints",
which semi-must be going on for adding enums from different
enumerations to make any semantic sense at all, is a Very Bad Idea,
even in C.  IMO manifest constants whose actual values are important
should be #defines, not enum members.  (If there's a real need for
value-important int-ish manifest constants with the scoping properties
of enum constants rather than of #defines, I would say the right thing
is to create a new kind of manifest constant, not to abuse enums.)

> I wouldn't call it a bug, but [...]

I would (would call it a bug, that is), but currently at just the
semantic level.

But what you or I think of it doesn't matter nearly as much as what the
Lua people think of it.

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