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> I have attached the other bug (test2.lua.txt). 
> Git commit: be908a7d4d8130264ad67c5789169769f824c5d1
> c = xpcall (function (utf8, utf8, a, c, string, self) coroutine.resume(c, {[((0xc)%(0))]=(true)})
> end, pairs ((true)))

Many thanks for the report. This one can be simplified to this:

   xpcall (function () return 10 % 0 end, next)

This bug was fixed in commit 02bab9fc258f. The problem was that the
arith. error in '10 % 0' did not save the interpreter's state, causing
the sigfault when the error in the call to 'next' tried to find how
it was called.

-- Roberto