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> > I am researcher in software testing from the University of Stuttgart, Germany. We are testing grammar-based fuzzers and have chosen Lua as one of our fuzz targets for our experiments. We found 2 issues in Lua, but one of those seems to be already fixed in recent versions. Thus, here is the remaining issue we found, which still results in a crash in the current Lua version.
> Thanks for the report.
> I've been unable to reproduce this bug. Did you use any special value
> for the variable ASAN_OPTIONS? What compiler/version are you using?

Could you do the following change to lundump.c and run the example again?

@@ -248,6 +248,7 @@ static void loadDebug (LoadState *S, Proto *f) {
     f->locvars[i].endpc = loadInt(S);
   n = loadInt(S);
+printf("%d %d\n", n, f->sizeupvalues);
   for (i = 0; i < n; i++)
     f->upvalues[i].name = loadStringN(S, f);

(The two printed numbers should be equal...)

Many thanks,

-- Roberto