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> What warnings did your sample code actually produce with
> -Wunused-value turned on?

I didn't try it.  I (apparently foolishly) assumed the manapge
description was accurate - I just went looking for warning options
which were documented as doing something I thought was not appropriate
for routine use.  (For example, -Wmissing-noreturn may be helpful when
trying to find __noreturn__ candidates, but I wouldn't consider it
suitable for routine use.)

I just now moved that program to the machine whose manpage I was
looking at.  Apparently the manpage is wildly inaccurate;
-Wunused-value didn't produce even so much as a single warning.  (This,
of course, makes me wonder what it _would_ warn about.)

This makes me doubt whether any of the other flags warn about what
they're described as warning about.  At least a few flags (not in the
list I sent), ones I use routinely, do seem to do at least roughly what
they're described as doing, for what that's worth.

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