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  Yes, I'm. I'm just busy...

Em sáb., 4 de mar. de 2023 às 21:45, sur-behoffski <> escreveu:

Sorry for any noise.

I've found that tecmane.mak for IM, CD and IUP assume that
Linux kernels up to 5.x almost always imply GTK 5.3.  However,
Distributions with Kernel 6.x (notably MX21.3) have a kernel
6.x.y.  I also note that 6.1 has been designated as the next
stable series of kernel releases (previous most recent: 5.15.y).

I've tried alerting Antonio Scuri on the iup-l list regarding
the need to patch tekmake.mak, as otherwise it chooses GTK2
instead of GTK3, and the source build fails.  However, I've had
no response.  (This was a couple of weeks ago).

Can anyone with better access to Scuri than I have help me out?

Again, this is a sort-of off-lua-l-list message, but apologies
again for any noise.