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There is a mailing list for IUP CD and IM. That is where I used to talk with Scuri. You will probably get more information on their website or sourceforge. 


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> De : sur-behoffski <>
> À :
> Sujet : Is Scuri (Tecgraf project manager) on this list?
> Date : 05/03/2023 01:44:25 Europe/Paris
> G'day,
> Sorry for any noise.
> I've found that tecmane.mak for IM, CD and IUP assume that
> Linux kernels up to 5.x almost always imply GTK 5.3.  However,
> Distributions with Kernel 6.x (notably MX21.3) have a kernel
> 6.x.y.  I also note that 6.1 has been designated as the next
> stable series of kernel releases (previous most recent: 5.15.y).
> I've tried alerting Antonio Scuri on the iup-l list regarding
> the need to patch tekmake.mak, as otherwise it chooses GTK2
> instead of GTK3, and the source build fails.  However, I've had
> no response.  (This was a couple of weeks ago).
> Can anyone with better access to Scuri than I have help me out?
> Again, this is a sort-of off-lua-l-list message, but apologies
> again for any noise.
> s-b