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Hi folks,

While the original question is still outstanding, I just wanted to share this in case anyone found it useful.

I have created a simple shell script to import all of the releases and corresponding tests into git (tested on FreeBSD 13.1):

An example repository is here:
with release tags:

For anyone who wishes to do work in git based upon a specific upstream release, you might find this of use.

If anyone has any comments or feedback, I'll be happy to incorporate any changes to the script.  The above repository commits are not yet stable--if the script is re-run the repository content will be rewritten.

Kind regards,

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Roger Leigh <>
> Sent: Thursday, March 2, 2023 9:24 PM
> To:
> Subject: Source release contents vs GitHub/GitLab mirrors
> Hi folks,
> I was looking at building from GitHub lua/lua, but noticed that some source
> files were missing.  Doing a comparison of the two (excluding the
> documentation) 5.4.4 release vs current GitHub master:
> $ diff release.list github.list
> 1c1,2
> < Makefile
> ---
> >
> > all
> 48a50,51
> > ltests.c
> > ltests.h
> 53,54d55
> < lua.hpp
> < luac.c
> 63a65,67
> > makefile
> > manual/
> > onelua.c
> The main thing I was missing was luac.c, but there are some other missing
> source files as well such as lua.hpp, and it looks like the Makefiles are
> different.
> I just wanted to query the reasons for the discrepancy, and to ask if the
> missing source files are under version control anywhere else?
> Kind regards,
> Roger