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I don’t actually care if there is an extra comma allowed before the table’s closing brace. In fact I use it if I am not sure if I want to add something else so I don’t forget it if I do.

I was merely commenting to the thread starter that if consistency is wanted between table and function allowing/disallowing commas why does he believe that his desire to add a comma to function arguments is any more valid than removing the trailing comma in table construction.

We used to have monthly bus passes that cost the same every month. I overheard two people complaining that February was such a rip-off because you pay full price for only 28 days. They weren’t too happy when I pointed out that actually you are paying the same price every month for 28 days and it’s 11 months where you get 2 or 3 days free coverage.

> These recent  “let’s try and find new places to lose round brackets and add trailing commas” seems very much like a pair hammers looking for nails to me.