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Am 22.02.2023 um 19:53 schrieb bil til:
e. g. math.sin alpha+0.5 cound mean either math.sin(alpha+0.5), or as
well somehow math.sin(alpha) + 0.5 ... if you would prefer one of the
both interpretations, it could be that about 50% of Lua users will
start mourning that they prefer the other way... .

`math.sin alpha` would already not work with my proposal as only
number-literals would be allowed.
I am not talking about any values just the literals. It directly follows
the string and table-constructor versions.

so `math.sin 0.5 + alpha` would be allowed, as it is equal to
`math.sin(0.5) + alpha`.
It cannot be `math.sin(0.5 + alpha)` as the patch provided, just copies
the behaviour of string and table-constructor versions.
`print "a" .. "b"` is equal to `print("a") .. "b"` and is already legal
syntax (it will raise an error btw).
The patch I provided is the exact behaviour wanted.

PS: concerning formatting, please better write your posts here in
"Text only mode" (otherwise e. g. very nice mailing list archive MARC
does NOT show them correctly - MARC really is nice, I at least like
this very much  and it is recommended in if you look for
mailing list...).

I tried to set up Thunderbird, but it keeps reflowing and putting
non-breaking spaces in my mails.
I want to set up `mail` with this mail account on an alpine wsl image. I
just don't know how.
Any idea? (Is this even possible?)