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In fact, I also was disturbed a bit already that "print 'hallo'"
works, but not "print 4".

Just I think if you allow it with numbers, there will come up some
ambiguity, as soon as you want to use functions on calculation

e. g. math.sin alpha+0.5 cound mean either math.sin(alpha+0.5), or as
well somehow math.sin(alpha) + 0.5 ... if you would prefer one of the
both interpretations, it could be that about 50% of Lua users will
start mourning that they prefer the other way... .

PS: concerning formatting, please better write your posts here in
"Text only mode" (otherwise e. g. very nice mailing list archive MARC
does NOT show them correctly - MARC really is nice, I at least like
this very much  and it is recommended in if you look for
mailing list...).