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On Saturday, February 18, 2023 at 06:57:31 AM CST, Spar <> wrote:

> GPL for an intrinsic? There are libraries already and if not the function itself is easy in C/C++ 
> using asm or builtin functions in case of MSVC

It's LGPL, which IIRC limits the GPL "virality" at the boundary of the library interface. That is, if you change the library code you have to make your changes available, but if you link it into another program without changing the API *that* program isn't automatically GPLed. I am not a lawyer, though.

I won't comment on the obviousness (or not) of the original program, though. Which is the problem with software copyright in general; there's only so many ways to write a for loop (in any given language, especially Lua). On greenfield projects I always make my stuff MIT; it's moving bytes around, not brain surgery.

Frank Mitchell
(long-time Lua fan, first-time Lua commenter.)