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"I'm new to the mailing list, and would be interested to know if
anyone has used Lua in any sort of safety-critical system, in
particular for regulated industries such as automotive or medical."

I use lua for machine control in embedded systems - it works nice so
far (but still in beta stage).

Just I needed quite a time (several months) to become confident in
using "dynamic memory" for my embedded machine control at all, but now
seems to be working nice, also garbage collect. (before this Lua
project I NEVER used ANY dynamic memory for embedded control, only no
static, I also never used any RTOS).

 I have only ca. 60kB heap memory for Lua - how much do you have?

(I think if you combine with some RTOS which also uses dynamic memory,
it will become VERY challenging to find memory leaks if you run into
them... you can define different heap for Lua though... but then you
need presumably minimum another 60kB for YOUR RTOS I would assume, and
most single chip controllers are very restricted concerning RAM, as
RAM eats quite much of Silicon chip area / is quite expensive...).