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A releases page at provides precompiled instances if you just want to use the tool

On Sat, 4 Feb 2023 at 11:41, Gisle Vanem <> wrote: wrote:

> rtc is a Lua script to executable builder/compiler for Windows operating systems.
> Generated executables are able to run without requiring a Lua installation.
> Main features :
> - Standalone tool : no Makefile, no C compiler needed
> - Compile from command line or using a GUI frontend
> - Build Windows native executable (.exe) from your Lua 5.4.4 scripts
> - Windows desktop or console applications
> - Static executables (without lua54.dll dependency)
> - Dynamic executables (with lua54.dll dependency)
> - Embed any files with your executable, even Lua binary modules with in-memory loading
> - Access embedded files seamlessly from your Lua scripts
> - Deploy your applications easily without the need to install Lua
> rtc is part of, and developped using LuaRT, the Windows programming framework, but can be used with standard Lua scripts.

This looked interesting. So I tried to first build LuaRT
using MSVC and clang-cl, but failed miserably. Seems to
only support MinGW which is a pity.