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Dear Lua Community,

rtc is a Lua script to executable builder/compiler for Windows operating systems. Generated executables are able to run without requiring a Lua installation.

Main features :
- Standalone tool : no Makefile, no C compiler needed
- Compile from command line or using a GUI frontend
- Build Windows native executable (.exe) from your Lua 5.4.4 scripts
- Windows desktop or console applications
- Static executables (without lua54.dll dependency)
- Dynamic executables (with lua54.dll dependency)
- Embed any files with your executable, even Lua binary modules with in-memory loading
- Access embedded files seamlessly from your Lua scripts
- Deploy your applications easily without the need to install Lua

rtc is part of, and developped using LuaRT, the Windows programming framework, but can be used with standard Lua scripts.
The project is hosted on


Samir Tine