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Merci Oliver :-)

Le ven. 20 janv. 2023 à 10:05, Oliver <> a écrit :
On 17.01.23 10:58, Bruno Dumoulin wrote:
> So I guess my question comes down to: how much interest/support is there in the
> Lua community to develop audio stuff?
you might want to have a look at some my Lua audio related projects

There are among others also bindings for RtMidi and RtAudio:

One key aspect of the projects is to explore architecture for module
interoperability of loosely coupled native Lua modules, e.g.:

- native audio processor objects can be used with different audio engines
(currently RtAudio and Jack)
- basic data structures (arrays for primitive numeric C data types) can be used
to efficiently pass audio data between different modules and threads.
- support for multi threading (message/event passing) independent of the
underlying multi threading library
- interoperability with user interfaces (GUI/text)

Best regards,