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I agree Bill, this makes a lot of sense!

There are a lot of programs that support midi keyboard input, like most DAWs, MuseScore... and the synthesia videogame
I've tried playing around with some of them using my instrument plugged in as a midi kb.

But these are huge beasts! I have yet to find a simple beginner dev friendly program...
MuseScore is written in Qt, so I also went to the Qt forum and   I posted there asking "Is Qt a good choice for my project? 

I fiddled with JS and WebMIDI... I did manage to get my browser to play the notes I inputted from my instrument, but gosh, did I find JS painfully confusing!

Having said that, 2 people encouraged me to dig the js route yesterday...
one on the Qt forum - the only reply there) from a guy who said "you might want to consider js"
and then one person on the löve forum pointed in the exact same direction and even wrote a code sketch for me on p5.js 

I guess I'm going to reconsider my position and give JS a second chance...

Le lun. 16 janv. 2023 à 11:52, bil til <> a écrit :
... just some general help, if you try to do ANYTHING which connects
software and hardware, I always would recommend that you start with
some "example program"... Don't you find an example program for this
anywhere in WWW?