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Am Mo., 12. Dez. 2022 um 20:17 Uhr schrieb Jörg Hofmann <>:
> If my English is too bad, Google can't do everything.
... your English is very good ... but try with Artificial
Intelligence evaluation of scientific paper translation database...
this even translates Chinese <> English (or others) with out problems
and very perfectly... (google is only word-by-word mainly, this really
IS lousy)..

> I mainly use Lua together with ConTeXt and Pandoc (upp preprocessor).

... if you start with Lua, please always also better prepare "very
common start system" on some very popular machine type, e. g. Lua in
DOS/Windows, or Linux / Unix... . Just that you can easily compare.

If you compile yourself for these other systems, it would be most
helpful if you somehow have a possibility to compile/debug Lua also in
DOS/Windows (or Linux/Unix) for comparison... .